Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grandson's Cloth Book - Stump, Bees, Snail, Butterflies, caterpillars

My daughter went from making a Spot Sample from ideas we got from Mary Corbett's  Needle N Thread to making pages for her nephew's book. Her favorite stitches are turkey work, button hole and couching. She also used a bit of lazy daisy, satin, padded satin, french knots and a few others.

Grandson's Cloth Book - Spiders & Butterflies

A pocket of netting for the little guy to 'keep' his butterflies in. I made a pocket for ladybirds, bees and dragonflies too. He can take them out and his mommy can put them back in :)
 The spider is a Crusader made of almost all backstitch, same for the web using DMC floss and gray rayon embroidery thread. 

Grandson's Cloth Book- Ladybirds

Simple applique, stuffed ladybirds, and turkey work catapillar.

Grandson's Cloth Book - Grasshopper

A three dimensional grasshopper idea from jane Nicholas Stumpwork Medieval Flora. On a budget so there are no fancy materials. It's worked on osnaburg with DMC floss and organza ribbon from one of my daughters wedding gift packages.  Stitches are; applique, satin, buttonhole, padded satin then couched.

Grandson's Cloth Book - Hidden Caterpiller

A padded and embroidered oak leaf that can be lifted for a peek-a-boo effect.

Cloth Book for a Toddler

A cloth quiet book for my grandson. The idea was to create a book for him to play with and practice as many embroidery and sewing stitches as I could work in. On this page: applique, reverse applique, and ruching.