Sunday, March 11, 2018

Grandma Evelyn Scheibel's Sewing Machine & Quilt

Grandma Evelyn Scheibel's  Necci sewing machine passed on tto me through my husband's mother Crystal. It is pratially cleaned and as I learn more about it I will adventure into using the cams that go with it. 

These photos are of a Hexigon quilt that Evelyn made on her Necci. She cut two hexes and placed them right sides together with a hexie of quilt batting stitched around the edge a quarter inch and left a hole for turning. She truned them and made sure all the points were just right, then she closed the hole with invisible whip stitch. 

Evelyn quilted each one by hand with quilting thread and very even straight stitches through all three layers.

Then she set them side by side and used an invisible running stitch to put them together. She only stitched one side. As I have made repairs to the quilt I have seen the need to stitch both sides before moving on the the next hexie. 

It is about the size of a baby quilt.

Now I am using scraps from my "Grandma's Fabric Scrap collection" to copy and continue the tradition. I can't think of a more lovely way to preserve the memories of each piece of fabric in the collection. Most pieces are at least 30 years old. Some are newer from my own left overs.

This is Myrtle our fifteen year old kitty that must be near to whatever my project is, whether it is quilting or embroidery.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bible Reading Challenge #kirkersread


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Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Feeding the Hens" Miniature Embroidery Design by Trish Burr

This took much longer to finish than I had hoped. I had some trouble sourcing the outline threads by Guterman. They were manufactured in various places and the color was off. Not sure why but my micron pen from Martha Stewart decided to misbehave this time and bled following some of the twill lines. I've never had that happen before with that pen. so there are some extra stitches to hide some of that. The chickens feet were done with bullion stitch and the rest with Long and Short. Added the grass to place the signature in. 

Her hair was done over a large tapestry needle to give it a bit of curl and then long 'turkey work' stitches to make the long braid. My daughter Hope did the braid and bow. Fun to see the personality of the child and chickens emerge.

It is a tiny 4.5 by 4.5 inches

This design is from a book reviewed on Mary Corbet's NeedleNThread website. The fabric is Cotton Sateen, it has a delicate twill. Softer than a cotton poplin and round plump threads so it is easy on your embroidery thread. A single strand of  DMC floss was used throughout and then outlined in various places with complimentary colors of Guterman Sew-All thread.

Friday, November 27, 2015


I had an adventure into making Carrickmacross Lace while I have been absent from my blog space. Remember this Kit from Tanja Berlin that I won on Mary Corbett's ? It got me started and I was soon wanting more.

So I looked through Mary's collection of patterns and took an element from one of them to work in Carrickmacross.

I found a tutorial on Lyn's blog and worked through details. 

                     I procured some materials from Jo Firth. The quality is excellent. You can see how sheer , how fine. Most important is the Janome Lace scissors, excellent quality, great price.

A practice motif, whipped  chain stitch, and Couched cording. The thread is Guterman Cotton made in Greece size 50, the cording is DMC Cordonet  cotton size 30. The fabrics are English Net and cotton organdie. The Motif is my daughter creation.

With the Organdie basted over the net to begin the flowers and leaves. The tendrils are done with just simple chain stitch, one strand of cotton sewing thread. 

Yes, she is pretty happy with her veil.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mini Needle Painting *Feeding The Hens*

There are so many different ways to approach needle painting  a face. Especially one that is smaller than a thumbprint. Choosing color, stitch direction, and details are perplexing. So this is coming along slowly,very slowly for a quick project that is less than 4" x 4".

Photography brings out all the flaws.