Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Labeling stitches and redoing stitches until it is right!

Point Cretois Rapproche 

Point de feuille

Point de chainette en rosace, Point de chainette torse
Point de chainette en relief or raised chain stitch fixed. I used Mary Corbett's tutorial to learn the proper way of making this stitch. Raised chain Click on a photo to see a larger version.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Mon Cahier De Broderie Page three and Four

Cable Chain, Double Cable Chain, Double Chain, Reverse Chain

Wide Chain, Chain with double woven thread in contrasting color, and a very unstable Raised Chain. I'll post an updated photo later-I did not understand the directions (in French or Spanish!)

Attempting Rosette chain. another very unstable stitch if you make it too long! The third on on the left which I have not shown you yet I have taken out five times, larger and more unstable.

The green is Point de Cordage, not sure what the english equivalent is. It is connected on the left with a 'cord' all the way down. Simple Cross Stitch, Cretan stitch in red and Point de Cordonnet in white-a nice stitch for monograms.

Simple continuous Cross Stitch "Point de Croix successif", Creton Stitch "Point de Cretois Rapproche" leaves. You can see how to do these on Mary Corbett's Needle N'Thread.

Couching, Darning, and Weaving.

Couching with matching thread. Garnet Fine d'Abuson wool couched with DMC single strand cotton.

Page Four

Finished page Three
Point de Feuille leaves , couching in alternate color and Sheaf stitch. Point de Feuille is not the same as fly stitch leaves, closer to fishbone stitch.