Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Feeding the Hens" Miniature Embroidery Design by Trish Burr

This took much longer to finish than I had hoped. I had some trouble sourcing the outline threads by Guterman. They were manufactured in various places and the color was off. Not sure why but my micron pen from Martha Stewart decided to misbehave this time and bled following some of the twill lines. I've never had that happen before with that pen. so there are some extra stitches to hide some of that. The chickens feet were done with bullion stitch and the rest with Long and Short. Added the grass to place the signature in. 

Her hair was done over a large tapestry needle to give it a bit of curl and then long 'turkey work' stitches to make the long braid. My daughter Hope did the braid and bow. Fun to see the personality of the child and chickens emerge.

It is a tiny 4.5 by 4.5 inches

This design is from a book reviewed on Mary Corbet's NeedleNThread website. The fabric is Cotton Sateen, it has a delicate twill. Softer than a cotton poplin and round plump threads so it is easy on your embroidery thread. A single strand of  DMC floss was used throughout and then outlined in various places with complimentary colors of Guterman Sew-All thread.