Sunday, April 10, 2022

Vintage Quilt: Swallows or Hummingbirds?

Long time no see.  Why so long? I could not manage to find a way around a broken camera and then a replacement that would not cooperate with my computer. And the deeper story is I lost a grandchild in the summer of 2020. Beyond that, we all lost friends and family to a flu that was not managed well. Many of us lost our people to the fast tracked rescue plan that many had horrible reactions to. Then the death of a beloved father-in-law to that rescue plan. 

This beautiful quilt was gifted to me from a beloved friend. It was retrieved from a thrift shop as an unfinished quilt top. it has 9 of these squares and is about 60 x 60 ,  a nice lap quilt. Looks lovely on the back of the small couch.

My friend added the backing and quilted around the swallows on her Singer sewing machine. Looking up the pattern on line, there really isn't one, not that I have found.  They kind of look like four humming birds at a feeder. On-line I've found swallows holding four corners of a kerchief  and ther possibilities.

These blocks were machine sewn together from pieces, not appliquéd. Whoever made them did a great job, they lay really flat.

Some day it would be fun to re-create the pattern and make another version of this quilt, perhaps a queen size. The yellow tone in the photos is from the sunlight coming in a window where I took the photos. 
Have a Blessed Day!


Friday, December 13, 2019

The Leafy Tree

You need to open your browser to NeedleNThread and keep refreshing the page while patiently waiting for that early morning shop to open with a delightful new kit or risk them being sold out when you saunter over at break time later in the day.

I actually just went to the shop because I thought it might be ready and it was. I was surprised to have the privilege  of getting one.

Opening one of Mary's kits is likeopening a  Christmas present, beautifully wrapped and protected.

Her love of embroidery is in the details of her presentation. The pretty leaf that holds the wrapping paper of the linen. 

The orderliness of the contents, so easy to find what you need next. Fresh needles & a note to get you started.

I'm thankful for the detailed photos on the various stitches and the ability to ask questions and get tips that help conquer a stitch you find troublesome. 

Trying out some new threads and a stitch I've never tried; wheatear stitch,  and one I've never done well; fishbone stitch. Normally I use split stitch to do stems. I like the way the branches turned out with two threads using stem stitch. Much more like the bark of a tree. 

No hurry, no deadline, just enjoying the calming therapy of stitching.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mini Floral Sprig from Mary Corbett

Here's a tiny srrig of flowers that in reality only takes a wee bit of tome to accomplish. I wasn't happy with my Fishbone Stitch so it was taken out a couple times. It's good linen so no problem. The pattern is on Mary Corbett's NeedleNThread, click on the Patreon tab.

Tiny stitches

On not so fine linen. Has a soft hand and will make for a nice hanky.

Tiny Fishbone Stitches! Camping & Embroidery! Pin Stitched hem.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Needlepainting Daisy design from Mary Corbet

     Finishing into a 14 x 14 cloth with pin stitching. Something simple that can be done anywhere, anytime there are a few moments.

Precut threads, cloth, two needles tucked in a pouch and ready to go. Stitched in and airport, the car, an assisted living home while visiting my father-in-law, anywhere and everywhere I could grab a few moments. It's so relaxing, calming. 


There are several patterns up on Mary's Patreon page now. You should head on over and join. Follow the link from NeedleNThread

Happy stitching

Friday, May 17, 2019

Needle Painting Prep & Practice

A little bit of Needle Painting. Thankful to Mary Corbett for her pouring into the needle arts community month after month with beautiful, inspiring and creative embroidery. She shared this little pattern "Stitching Exercise for Needle Painting".

Choosing colors from what I have on hand. I may need to adjust my greens a bit, there is something not quite right. 

I used the prick'n pounce method of transfer with charcoal. Then traced it with a sepia pen.