Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bechamp or Pasteur ?

"Bechamp's deep insight had taught him the connection between science and religion - the one a search after truth, and the other the effort to live up to individual belief. His faith had widened to a breadth incomprehensible to those who even suggested the appointment of a commission to recommend the placing on the Roman Index of his book Les Mycrozymas, which culminates in the acclamation of God as the Supreme Source. Bechamps teachings are in direct opposition to materialistic views. But his opponents had not the insight to see that the Creator is best demonstrated by understanding the marvels of [His] Creation."

So then, the materialistic view  - the Germ Theory - of Pasteur wins,      
 for a time, over the Truth found by Bechamp and discussed in
 Les Mycrozymas 

Therefore, in these modern times we still lift up the materialistic
 view and fight against God by pasteurizing our food - milk,
 meat, vegetable, et. all.

We are so blind. God help us to see. 

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