Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Project

I won Blissful Beginnings from Wooly Thread's facebook  give-a-way  in 2012. I am working through a beautiful  embroidery challenge "Gentle Touch" blanket. The book  is on sale today only at half price.

Yummy wool and silk on wool Challis.


  1. Your embroidery is gorgeous... I loved seeing it when we visited and now I'll be able to check it out regularly here! :-)

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  3. Hello,

    thank for visiting my blog and your friendly words. I like your needle-painting also. I have never done this stitching but I like this embroidery
    You have also sign-in the SAL Mon cahier de broderie. Have you anything heard? Covi want open a forum but the google translate is so bad that I dont understand when she open it. Do you know?


  4. Yes Anja the forum is open. I tried to sign up , alas I did something wrong and it did not work. I will try again after the 15th. She will be sending the first page soon. Looking forward to it. I will post photos here also. I will be translating the French version of the book, it was all I could get hold of, and Covi's Spanish. I have a bit of work to do! I am amazed at the variety of stitches that will be involved Have fun!