Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mon Cahier De Broderie Hoja 4, Pagina 7 & 8

Incredibly distracting month! Not much to show on the embroidery notebook project, yet the minutes have flown and it is time to post the progress along with hundreds of other ladies doing the same project. Have I lost my mind? Some of the text is in Spanish, some in French and some in English because the book we are using is written in French, the blog we post our lessons on is in Spanish!

Point de Reprise  or darning as they say in America is in the center. Tutorials for the stitches are available at Needle N Thread  .

 Point de Petale

 Point de Poste  , Point de Plume
 Petit Point
Point de Poste, Point de Pistil, Point de Pique

Point de Rhodes , applique avec  Point de Paris  

Lots more to do!

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