Monday, March 30, 2015

Antique Watercolor Pansies

A little warm up exercise. 

Thank you Country Bumpkins publisher of Inspirations magazine , Mary Corbett of NeedlenThread , and Trish Burr for inspiration, designs and tutorials.  I can highly recommend all my stitching friends subscribe to Inspirations, subscribe to each of the blogs and get to know these lovely stitching friends. 

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  1. Beautiful!!! May I ask what type of fabric were these stitched on? It looks so soft & lovely. Your work inspired me to buy Trish Burr's book, "Crewel & Surface Embroidery." I didn't know that I would like the crewel so much until I seen your work. It was the last of Trish's books that I bought and is my favorite. I have the books, now need the hoop, fabric and threads. Thanks for sharing!